Selasa, 2 Februari 2016

2015 is a wrap and 2016's resolutions

Salam sejahtera semua.

Entri ni sepatutnya publish awal bulan lepas, but it's still okay to wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016! I guess? Haha, never mind.

Well, nothing much to write since this year I suppose to have different space for emotional/personal issue and my life in overall. That's my biggest mission I create for myself in the year of monkey as in chinese calendar.

Other life missions I have in mind such as able to drive manual car with such confidence I should have when I got the license ID, save up money for Haj registration for me and my mother, bring my family to any place and treat them to spa, nice massage and beautiful moment and lastly, be more responsible, more mature, more fit and healthier, better self, daughter, friend, all in all I want to improve my life not only physically fit but mentally, socially and spiritually stable.

So, yeah. My 2016's life missions are only a few as you can read but believe me I have numerous small life missions I like to call them my self missions. Hehe. I love to play around with any challenge or new experience, so these missions will be updated from time to time.

Currently, I am at home : improve and training myself to be dutiful daughter that my parents will be proud of me one day. I left training at P1 HQ in PJ earlier after 6 months experience of working at office. I learnt my life lessons during those hard yet meaningful time contraints, I should have been more thankful to Him for letting me breathe on His world. *smile*

Just some reminder from incidents happened to me last year, never ever have I ever rest my happiness upon others other than me, myself and I alone. Allah s.w.t is the only One I should rely upon and look for the time I am happy or sad. Families and friends, they are the ones I should shower more love because I know they love me sincerely. So far, I have been staying away from any drama or BS and I want to maintain these contentment feelings I had as long as I am able to hold my patience.

Conclusion : I read somewhere and it sounds like this quote "life gives us chances to carefully follow our own choice to make our birth on this world has its meanings to others when we die later. That's why, C is in the middle of B and D. C-chances/choice , B-birth and D-death. The difference between us is on how we choose our choice to life our own life for our benefit in our life as well as after death."